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COVID-19 has forced the world to rethink many human interactions, including the staging of events, in to a more virtual context. Viridity Entertainment Services meets this growing demand as a customized livestreaming provider. Streaming and professionally recorded in-house productions break down the final barrier between your company and its audience, putting you together in the same virtual room.

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Why Hire Us?

Viridity Entertainment Services helps you meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality streamed content in any form you may need. We’ve created high-end interviews, virtual corporate meetings, sponsorship interviews, high-level demonstrations and conferences, and religious service broadcasting to name just a few of our capabilities.

Your Organization's
Viridity Entertainment Services Solutions
Lack of the correct equipment to create a high-quality stream of your event
VES has 5 PTZ cameras, plus 20 high-end gaming laptops equipped with cameras, lights, and microphones
You have the ideas, but not the experience of producing a successful and engaging virtual event
VES brings experience from 20 years of broadcast-standard video & TV production
In-person interviews and events are impossible due to COVID-19 and associated travel-restrictions
VES can help you conduct interviews and broadcast your event anywhere in the world, without needing to actually be on location
Your event is unique, and an out-of-the-box streaming solution won't work
VES will customize your production to your unique needs

About Us

Viridity Entertainment Services, (VES) was co-founded by a team of television and business executives to meet the growing demand for a customized livestreaming provider. VES is led by Howie Zales, who is also President of HJZ Productions, Inc. (HJZ). Howie founded HJZ in 2001 to develop cost-effective, full-service crewing solutions for sports and entertainment shows and events, nationwide. HJZ’s suite of fully-insured services include:




Past Clients

Viridity Entertainment Services offers network-standard broadcasts & recordings, sleek virtual meetings and conferences, all with the ability to remotely deliver content from anywhere in the world with a highly-experienced, cost-effective group of professionals.

Some of our clients include...

Professional Livestreaming

Imagine giving your organization a sleek, engaging broadcast-standard livestream, something that looked like it had been created by one of the major TV networks, without the need for any in-person crews or expensive technical equipment.

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If your organization is ready to crack open the opportunities that network-standard broadcasts/recordings and sleek virtual meetings and conferences can create - with the ability to deliver them remotely from anywhere in the world with a highly-experienced, cost-effective group of professionals - please send me a message so we can discuss how Viridity Entertainment Services can help.

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New Clients will receive 10% off their first livestream production (up to $10,000).

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